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Pin-up Worthy: Meet Eunice

Eunice the dark apricot with navy lettering Gran Turismo is an early 80's chro moly steel lugged frame 15 speed light touring road bike built by Univega from Japan. It is pretty much true mint, maybe a scratch or two but by that I mean one or two, literally, the paint is maybe in the best condition I've ever seen on a vintage bike. Vintage Suntour derailleurs and shifters, Sakae crankset, stem, bars and seatpost. This bike has a brand new wheelset, new chain, new tires, new cables, new bar tape, new saddle, and it has been completely stripped down to the frame and professionally rebuilt with new bearing grease in the bottom bracket and headset, so it is basically a new bike on an old frame that was barely ever used to begin with. Eunice has to be seen in person, this bike is truly beautiful.          

Schwinn Traveler

We've been busy building and traveling this past week. This cute little Schwinn Traveler left the garage before I could give it a name. However I will take suggestions. Wha'chu got?

Flies like a Dragon: Meet Ryu

Ryu, is a black, garage kept Fuji Boulevard XC. This is an early mountain bike but has many of the qualities of a hybrid. Lugged steel frame, full alloy triple crank set, wonderful ratcheting thumb shifters and unique triangle bar makes this bike so awesome. 26" wheels, shimano drivetrain - a very cool and rare and functional piece of history. Ryu has been perfectly tuned for sale, and is all original, and hardly ever ridden, in excellent condition. This bike is best for riders from around 5'11 to 6'2". Interested in test riding Ryu or any of our other builds?  Contact us: Everything is adjusted and we will take care of any problems that arise in the first few weeks of riding.

Your Next Steed: Meet Chiron

Meet Chiron, this Centurion Accordo has been hanging around the shop for a bit. We picked it up at a local pawn shop and gave it a makeover. The lugged frame road bike is now a single speed and perfect for riding around Chicago. New rear wheel, bottom bracket rebuilt, headset rebuilt, new chain and freewheel, new saddle, new bar tape and brake lever, new tires.  Interested in test riding Chiron or any of our other builds?  Contact us: Everything is adjusted and we will take care of any problems that arise in the first few weeks of riding.

Brian at Work

Yesterday we finished a handful of bikes that will be posted for sale on Craigslist today. Check out the work in progress:

Needs a Good Home: Meet Natalia

Natalia, the blue Nishiki Century , was recently picked up at an auction house. Her inner beauty glowed through all the dirt and grime as she lay off to the side while folks bid on floor rug after floor rug. She sat neglected until rescued by our only bid. We took her home, fixed her up and now she's ready to find a new home. Natalia  has been fully rebuilt as a single speed with many new parts: new saddle, bar tape, brake lever, tires, chain, freewheel, bottom bracket and headset cleaned and rebuilt with fresh bearing grease. This is essentially a new bicycle on an old frame, making her unique and functional at the same time.