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Recently Flew the Coop: Meet Peppermint Patti, Felicia & Darlene

Peppermint Patti is a carefully and lovingly adjusted '87 Schwinn Traveler. New tires and new vintage style bucket saddle, wheels trued and tensioned, beautiful Sakae and Suntour hardware, Suntour derailleurs and shifters (this is all wonderful Japanese stuff), Sakae crankset with black anodized chainrings, beautiful fluted alloy Sakae seatpost. The frame is chro moly, True Temper American made tubing. Patti is off to live its best life cruising around Chicago.

Felicia the Fuji Allegro is a lugged steel chro moly frame later '80s road bike, fully rebuilt as a single speed with many new parts. Rides so smooth, and built to last with new tires, chain, freewheel, bearings in the bottom bracket, bar tape, brake lever, saddle, seatpost and cable. Bottom bracket and headset rebuilt with fresh bearing grease, and wheels trued and tensioned. This is truly a zippy ride, bye Felicia!

Darlene is a lovely Trek 750 tuned up by Brian. The wheels have been trued and put on excellent tires, and this thing is much more well made than newer hybrids in the first place. It rides so nice, with a WTB Speed She Pro Gel saddle, 21 speed grip shift Shimano drivetrain. Darlene will be well loved by new owner.


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