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About us

We are a small shop with a focus on bringing used bicycles back to life, and on servicing and repairing bicycles that are already on the road. We started as a rebuild shop out of a two car garage, and have evolved into a full service brick and mortar shop in the North Park neighborhood. We are fully staffed by Brian and Liz, and intend to add to our staff with time.

We love to repair your bicycles and will always do our best to bring every project to the best possible conclusion. When we sell bicycles they are almost always used steel bicycles from the late 80s and early 90s. This is because we believe the chro-moly steel frame is the ideal material for most cyclists, and that was the default material in the industry during those years. We take these frames and build them in all sorts of ways. The possibilities are endless. The one constant is that our bicycles are almost always fully rebuilt for sale, so they tend to function like new bikes. We love nothing more than to plan out a custom rebuild for a customer.